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What Do You Think About Outsourcing?

some feel it is unethical, others do not

A topic that is often debated is whether or not outsourcing is unethical.  If you are not familiar with the concept, outsourcing or subcontracting is when a client offers you a job, and you hire someone else to do the job.  Whether you believe it is right or wrong, it is a good idea to decide where you stand.


In my opinion, it is only acceptable if all parties involved are aware of the situation.  As many clients would strongly object to a different person doing the work, a client is well within his or her rights to decide whether or not he or she finds it acceptable. 


While honesty should cover the writers, too, there is an additional factor which I was not aware of until quite recently.  When you agree to do a job that actually "belongs" to someone else, there is the possibility that you will not receive the full amount the client is paying for it.  Some who believe this is an acceptable course of action feel they should receive a "cut" of the pay because they are reviewing, and possibly editing, the material before it is forwarded to the client. 


When it comes to subcontracting, I believe "honesty is the best policy."  When everyone involved is aware of the facts, they are in the best position to decide if it is right for them.  While I, personally, have never had a problem with this, I do disagree with the viewpoint that accepting work and having someone else do it is a good way to make extra money.