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It is Not Necessary to Spend Money to Make Money

most "paid surveys" are costly

If you are thinking about working from home, or want to make a few extra dollars, you may have noticed many listings on the web for "surveys." You may also have received ads in your email inbox, telling you that you can make money by doing surveys. A little information can help you save time-- and money.


The fact is many of these so-called surveys will cost you money. While a genuine survey does not ask more of you than your opinion on a variety of topics, you will find many that are not in this category. Instead, the only way you can make money is to spend money. This second category of surveys cannot actually be called surveys at all. Instead, they require you to "participate" in "offers." These offers mean purchasing something, or signing up for something, resulting in your credit card being charged for it.


Unless you actually need an item or a service, there is no point in spending money to make money. If you see the terms "participation required," or "offers," it is generally a good idea to leave the site and look for something else. There are numerous survey sites on the web that do not cost the participant any money. You can make three or five dollars within a few minutes.


Knowing what to look out for can help you to avoid charges on your credit card that you do not want. When you are checking out a site, read all of its terms thoroughly before you sign up. You will save time, and not end up with large amounts of unwanted spam in your inbox.