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Freelancing websites

Elance and oDesk are great ways to make money and build your career.

I put up a big post on this blog a while ago about different sites that can be utilized to make some extra money and start working at home. There are two more sites that you should be aware of: Elance and oDesk.

These are very legitimate websites where you get to do meaningful work rather than something like HubPages or Helium which are just content websites that have ads on them. I built a lot of financial modeling and Microsoft Excel experience on oDesk which helped to greatly developed in demand skills in the workplace and put money in my pocket.

I must say that it is not easy to successfully bid and receive an assignment on Elance and oDesk, but with some patience it is definitely possible to work on projects that you will enjoy. It can be tempting to take on any work that comes your way. But this is the wrong approach if you want to make the maximum use of Elance and oDesk.

The trick is to wait a while and be selective about the projects you sign up for. Remember that this is a supplemental job where you’re making extra income. Don’t quit your day job!

If you’ve done some good work for a certain company or individual on Elance and oDesk, don’t hesitate to ask them to recommend you when you apply for a job that was related to the work you did. Definitely, add the name of the company and the meaningful work you did on your resume.