The Luxuries of Working at Home. Part 2

The Luxuries of Working at Home. Part 2

Think differently.

In today’s world with Facebook and Wikipedia, there are a lot of things that can be picked up by surfing the Internet. It is not the same as when our parents were in school and how they approached building relationships and acquiring knowledge.

As I said in the earlier post, a lot of people find working at home a little bit amusing and even my roommate has ridiculed how I am holed up in my room working on various things. But I don’t really care about that as I have learned so much more holed up in my room than he will ever do working in his dead-end job.

Facebook has made it easy to see what people are up to and you really don’t have to go to events anymore to check them out. This is all very time saving. The same way LinkedIn has enabled us to connect with people we otherwise would never have talked to.

Wikipedia is a sensation and it is how I mostly educate myself these days on a variety of different topics. Additionally, websites of universities and companies have opened my eyes to all sorts of different possibilities and enlightened me about many things I’ve wanted to know like scholarships and profiles of people I want to be like. These days, an individual can vicariously find out what life at Harvard or the University of Michigan is like being simply visiting the events page of their respective websites.

I think it is about time people start to embrace this change and really welcome the whole idea of working at home and how wonderful it really is. Sometimes, I wonder if the naysayers are just annoyed about the luxuries that working at home brings and how they are unable to enjoy them!