The luxuries of working at home

The luxuries of working at home

People who look down on working at home are so wrong.

With oDesk and Elance and all the other places that has made it easy to do some telecommuting these days, working at home has become such an attractive option for many across the globe. Most people like myself are working from home in addition to their regular 9 to 5.

I know working at home is looked upon as taboo and I definitely can see that angle because I have a lot of people who are very old-fashioned around me. My parents don't approve of this work, which they feel I won’t benefit from because there is no daily interaction with people -or so they think. Even my roommate who is much older than me has a similar feeling about this whole idea of working at home.

But here is the good news. I am going to put all you people out there who are working at home or are hoping to do so one day, at ease by changing your mindset. The first thing is this: your life is not a resume!

How many times are we frowned upon when we are not doing something productive with our lives, as perceived by other people. The real estate mogul Donald Trump himself states in his many best-selling books that you don’t have to be doing something all the time and he cares more about someone who lies around all day and comes up with a million dollar idea than someone who works hard all the time and cannot think outside the box.

Working at home offers so many luxuries, especially if it allows you to be able to check out profiles of Internet entrepreneurs and prepare for that next big thing. Additionally, you get the time on your hands to go ahead and look for people who are like-minded on social networking sites such as LinkedIn and to educate yourself more on what you want to become.

The aim with working at home should not only be to supplement your income, but also look to develop a passive income stream and this is the real test.