The key to multiple streams of income

The key to multiple streams of income

A step-by-step approach will pay off.

Working at home has been a great source of income for me. My motivation for posting on this blog is to ensure that those of you reading this will be able to draw from the pleasures of working at home, apart from making a few bucks too!

The work-at-home option has become more attractive and is relatively easier to attain nowadays. There was a period when just typing work at home jobs brought up a list of scams (they still do, but at a much lower level).

One of the key things to develop is multiple streams of income. Isn't that ironic? After all, we want to work at home as it gives the 'multiple' streams of income in the first place. Now we are looking at multiple 'multiple' streams. The more the merrier, I guess.

There are a couple of things I want to share with you here before I bolt.

The first one is another one of the oDesk type sites. It is called Team Store by I've heard great things about it and should be on board soon. I am already crazy busy with the work I've received from the oDesks and Elances of the world.

The second thing is to go to this website 'I will Teach You To Be Rich' and subscribe for the e-mails. He is really my virtual guru Ramit Sethi. There were a couple of webinars that he recently did. All for free, mind you. It was the perfect advice on how to make more money by being strategic about generating streams of income. In his case: consulting, book royalties, product sales, etc.

Other than that, I have now been busy learning C++. Expect a post on a good book on either the technical book club or the technology book club or maybe both. Programming in C makes me see Benjamins already! Anyway, programming is such a complement to any career, especially mine.

I hope you reading this post brought you that much closer to Internet riches! So long for now.